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Our Story

Having owned over 16 pets throughout my life, I've experienced the bond between human and animal. Growing up, I've had birds, cats, dogs and even chickens. As a parent, I wanted my children to enjoy companionship from a dog and we've had dogs ranging from 7 to 100 pounds and purebred to rescue and hybrid. I’ve always had a passion for caring for dogs. But for many years, we only had one small dog due to frequent travels with military service.

Before our 14-yr-old Maltese passed away, she had traveled with us and grew with our children as they left the nest, with our most recent high school graduate in college studying to become a Veterinarian. Luna was our emotional support through stressful times such as deployments, loss of a family member, lengthy separations, and post traumatic stress. Knowing first-hand how a pet can soothe a soul, I wanted to breed dogs who can heal other people’s hearts.

Why breed Goldendoodles and Cockapoos? Our goal is to not only produce healthy, good tempered dogs as pets but also as service and therapy dogs. With our own allergies, doodles were an easy choice. They are a perfect mix of the friendly, obedient Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel, and intelligent, non-shedding Poodle.

 After over 24 yrs of service, I retired from the Army and started to educate myself on the breed until we finally had our first Goldendoodle, Harley, who loves to cuddle and play. Shortly after, an opportunity appeared from the grace of God to get our third pet and first breeding dog, Meli. She was first pick of the litter and heaven sent. Meli is therapeutic with the best temperament and a natural leader. She wouldn’t hurt a fly, yet you feel protected in her presence. A couple years later, another opportunity allowed us to welcome our first purebred Poodle, Millie. She is incredibly sweet and gentle, and loves to give hugs. Since then, we've kept a few of our own puppies in our Guardian Program for future breedings.


We are confident our dogs and program will produce quality puppies. We respect and love our girls, and will do the same for their puppies in our care. I am dedicated to continue learning in order to raise puppies in a safe and clean environment, and teach them using a curriculum that will develop them into intelligent and confident dogs. 

When you choose Aloha Sunset Doodles, you choose a lifelong commitment to continue to honor and love your dog.

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