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How to Reserve a Puppy


Fill out Interest List to let us know what you're looking for. Once Waitlist opens, Subscriber submits Application

phone call

 Families are placed on a litter's waitlist after a follow-up phone call 

reservation fee

Families pay a fee to reserve puppy and sign reservation agreement 

secures slot
master list 

Families secure slot on Master List after Reservation fee and Agreement is received

Frequently Asked Questions

are all of the parent dogs health tested?

Yes, we only breed with fully health and genetic tested parents, not just DNA. As the only Hawaii member of GANA, we are required to submit proof of testing for DNA, hips, eyes, and heart conditions at the minimum on both dams and sires. We are the only breeder in Hawaii with "Excellent" rating from Good Dog for exceeding health testing requirements. We also provide a 2 year health guarantee versus the standard 1 year.

How Are the Puppies Raised at asd?

We raise our puppies in our home in a dedicated nursery and puppy room while in our care. Puppies have a daily curriculum starting at Day 3 until they go to their forever homes. Curriculum is based on proven studies from various programs shown to develop puppies into confident and intelligent pets with the ability to serve as working dogs. We normally only have 1 litter a year for minis and 1 litter a year for mediums. Therefore, we can dedicate all of our time to safely and diligently raise the puppies in a manner they deserve.

Will families Be Able to See the Puppies?

Yes, families on a litter's Master List will receive daily updates with photos and videos on a private Google photos album where they can access anytime and directly communicate with us. We may have scheduled visits and live video calls. Families will be able to follow puppies throughout the curriculum and kept abreast of their daily development. 

When and How Will families choose Puppies?

Families choose puppies after temperament evaluations when puppies are at least 7 weeks old. ASD will advise families which puppies compliment their lifestyle and need based on evaluations. Families choose their puppy in order of waitlist. 

Will Puppies be Hypoallergenic / Non-shedding?

We cannot guarantee a hypoallergenic or non-shedding puppy as doodles are only part poodle, which is where the hypoallergenic genetics come from. However, puppies are expected to have very low to non-shedding coats. 

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