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The Badass Breeder Program

I am proud to be one of the first breeders in Hawaii to fully embody the Badass Breeder (BAB) Program. It is based on truly honoring and respecting the breed while empowering puppies to learn and grow in a healthy environment. BABs empower and support one another in their journey. Breeders must health test their breeding dogs and follow a code of ethics. Thousands of puppies raised following the proven curriculum have passed training requirements to become successful service, facility or therapy dogs. As a BAB, I have access to mentorship, training guides/courses, and online software to enhance my breeding program. I will share each of the puppy's development throughout the entire curriculum with families, along with the results of the temperament evaluations. This will be provided in a folder and go home with puppy, but I will also upload videos of puppies learning and being evaluated.

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The Puppy Culture Program

We also raise our puppies utilizing The Puppy Culture Program. It is the original comprehensive program created to educate breeders on all aspects of raising a litter of puppies to maximize their full potential. The program includes early neurological stimulation, aggression prevention, potty training, manding, and more. Puppy Culture also created a guide for puppy owners to continue enriching and training their puppies. Combining Puppy Culture and Badass Breeders Programs allows us to greatly improve the outcomes for puppies.

Puppy Curriculum

Puppies are raised in our home on an advanced curriculum, customized daily to each puppy's development, starting at 3 days old. They are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and Early Scent Introduction (ESI). We introduce puppies to sounds and activities that may be stressful to some pets, such as noise from vacuums and fireworks, and activities such as grooming and car rides. Puppies also start crate, potty and basic training. Families on waitlist will have access to live and pre-recorded videos of the puppies following the curriculum.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)

Puppies are introduced to small stressors at certain milestones, which has a profound effect on their developing brain, improves their cardiovascular system, makes them more tolerant to stress, and increases their resistance to diseases

Early Scent Introduction (ESI)

Puppies are exposed to one new scent a day during Early Scent Introduction. This stimulates their brain and noses, contributing to their successful service work, such as diabetic alert, search & rescue, and/or obedience and training.

Puppy Evaluations

We conduct thorough puppy evaluations / temperament testing to get the right match for puppy and family. We assess their behavior and reactions to certain noise and activities, and work on each puppy to ensure they feel safe and confident.

Puppy Training

We introduce crate training so puppies feel comfortable in crates and potty training in hopes of little to no accidents once they go to their "furever" homes. Basic commands are also taught, such as sit, potty, kennel, and place.

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